A mixed media piece using other peoples vehicles (newspaper, radio, television, internet and cars)

On 28 August 1999, a throng of motor vehicles swarmed up a small ramp into an abandoned railway hall in Berlin’s industrial east end.

The drifting mass of automobiles solidified, precariously parked on a five-metre-wide platform. At dusk the drivers switched on their radios, lit their blinkers and saturated the emptiness with sound and light.

Visitors walked along the main deck and experienced an undulating acoustic field emanating from the radios, each tuned to different stations. This field transformed the hall's indefinite length into a succession of distinct aural spaces, optically fused by a blinking, pulsing mass of cars.

Information technology offers us new ways of relating to space. Resources can now be used flexibly because we can communicate more effectively and manage information more precisely. This enables us to realise large structures by temporarily reorganising existing material.

Space Race created a monumental intervention with no physical material by diverting existing traffic flows using communication technology.

In collaboration with:

Mühlenstr. 29
Berlin-Friedrichshain, Germany

Published in:
Professional Lighting Design, January 2000
Uncertainty Principles, H.M. Nelte Verlag, Wiesbaden 2002

Matthew Griffin (colour), Petra Dörsam (black and white),
polaroids by various team members